Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Hobby!

WOW! What a day (Saturday, that is!) Since we were coming back from Florida last weekend, we postponed Jake's birthday party until today! And we had a blast! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Friends and family were with us today and Jake had too much fun swimming! When we came home, we all decided to tackle the chores so we could enjoy the day tomorrow (Sunday). I keep forgetting that I am posting this officially on Sunday....don't worry, I am only confusing myself! So I was absolutely beat when we finally settled down tonight, which allowed me some quality time with my newest scrap booking!!!

Of course, I still learning and testing the software I like the best! But it is so much fun and ADDICTIVE! There are so many creative folks out there that I have started with either quick pages or templates. Here are a few of my latest....

Credits to the following creative minds for the templates, kits or layouts! Thanks to you all for sharing your awesome work!!!!

I hope that I haven't left anyone off because the credit for creativity and hard work are all owed to these talented ladies!

Well, I would love to hear of any others that also enjoying this form of scrapbooking. I am also going to play around some with invitations, announcements, and other personal stationary with or without photos. Any suggestions, criticism, and comments are always welcome!

Ohhhh! Almost forgot to toot my horn! So far I lost 39 pounds since March on WW! Yippppeeee! I have really been supported by my family and friends and encouraged when I haven't felt like sticking with it! Still on my way to getting more off....enjoying "The Climb"!



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