Saturday, July 11, 2009

New to this...

I have always enjoyed reading other's blogs and thought to myself....I'd never be able to do that. Several reasons came to mind...1. I am not a writer! 2. I would probably bore people to death. 3. When would I find the time. But, I have decided to bite the bullet and give a try. I love the share my mischiefs and beliefs with others and what better way to get that stuff off my chest! So here goes...

First of all, I have the very proud mama to two precious boys: Jake, 5, and Zach, 3. Joe, my dear hubby, and I made a life-changing move Nov. 2007 when we within two weeks, placed our house on the market, moved an hour away and both started two new jobs, make significantly less money, for the benefit of our boys! We were able to move closer to my parents, take the boys out of daycare (Praise God!) and spend more time as a family! It was a struggle, but the benefits definitely out way the negative aspects. I went from having two weeks off each summer with the boys to having 6 and also being full-mom instead of two or three nights out for work. I was a school administrator prior to moving and went back to the classroom during this move. It has reduced my stress level multifold! God open this door for us and we prayed about it and felt that if closed this door that God would not open it again for us! I wanted to move prior to having the boys start school and we just did it earlier than we planned! =)

I am also a strong believer in Christ! My love for God, my church, and my faith is a driving point in all I do. I have been through many tough times in my life and I feel the absolute best today because I have 100% completely turned it all over God! Worry, stress, and doubt are gone from my life! I constantly feel His presence in my life in all things (big and small!)---Jake's fractured back, the light in my Sunday School kids' eyes, my parents' renewed faith, etc. I am so thankful all His gifts and most of all, His unconditional love!

Last, I have been working hard at changing my life in another way as well. I have been a member of Weight Watchers since March 2009 and so far lost 36 pounds. I would like to lost about 75 more pounds. I feel like a different person and love being able to do more with my boys!

I will update regularly about these topics and more throughout this journey! I look forward to hearing from friends, new and old!



  1. Missy, I hope you still have time to do all of this when we go back to school. LOL......I know you can. You are the best multi-tasking Trapper Keeper girl that I know. I know that I will enjoy following your blog.

  2. Welcome to blogland Missy.....congrats on the weigh loss...that is awesome...hugs Khris in Oz