Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plank in the ol' eye!

WOW! Have ya ever been in church and felt that everything said was directed towards you?!? Well, today Tommy's sermon was one that definitely had me feeling like someone was standing on my feet instead of stepping on my toes. From Matthew 7:1-6, Tommy spoke today about how we judge others and the biblical interpretation of such. So, here I was thinking that I was doing pretty good about not judging others (I know I say it enough....."It is not for me to judge!" is one my common sayings), but not sooooo.... I was doing so during our entire vacation! While at the theme parks in FL, I was constantly making comments to my hubby about how people were dressed (especially while at the water park! HUMMMMMM!) There are certain things men should be wearing in public. But I was not equipped with the facts as the Bible expects of us. Maybe certain types of swimwear are the only types sold in some countries. =) Rather than judgemental, I should be more tolerant of some differences among God's people.

On the other hand, I know how it feels to be judged without knowing the facts! I hope all ears were perked up while the sermon was going on because I strongly feel that "people that live in glass houses should not throw stones". While trying to be helpful to friends and families, I have personally been "judged" as "stabbing a friend in the back" or "not caring" for a family member enough because I was not all in their business. Again, I will tell you whether or not I agree with you, but I do not judge what one is doing. A difference in opinions or beliefs is not a judgement. One final thought on the subject, a Christian is a believer in Christ. Christians are Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, etc. Christ will judge those that will celebrate in Heaven or suffer in Hell and He will be the only one. Let's remove the plank before make statements regarding other demoninations.

Just my two cents!

Blessings & Peace to you all!

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