Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zachisms and being published!

I am a little giddy! I am so excited that I opened up my blog page and noticed that I have been published! WHOOHOO! I had shared a finished product using a template with the designer and she used it on her page! Check it out!

After a long, but fun day, I decided to share some precious moments from my boys this week! First, my boys have been at home with me almost all summer and when I went to work for a little while yesterday, they decided to go with me! I was suprised but secretly thrilled because they usually choose to spend time with Papa. But they have become Mama's Boys this summer and I am going to miss them next week when I go to work! Now for the funnies....ZACHISMS! Anyone that knows my Zach knows he is a mess! He has his own vocabulary! A few of note lately....the TV remote is the comode! No matter how many times we tell is and probably will be the comode always! Next, on the phone with my mom earlier this week, he told her he was eating butt beans. However, we were really having butter beans...he decided they were butt beans! LOL! Last, my parents took the boys to Cracker Barrel last night. Zach told them that he was happy and really liked going to Cracker Berry! I love that boy!

Jake received a letter from his upcoming Kindergarten teacher. While we are excited, I am concerned that she will be married shortly into the school year and possibly out for a while. Jake has struggled with transitions before and used to have issues with substitutes in preschool. Say a prayer for us that he will have a smooth transition and a great year!

I am about to head to bed...I actually slept 12 hours last night! Thanks to my loving hubby for letting me sleep in until 10 am! I felt like a new person today! I am hoping for another restful night tonight!


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