Monday, November 30, 2009

UGH! The flu bites

So, I spent the entire Thanksgiving break dealing with H1N1! And I am still not 100%. Besides being weak and tired constantly, I believe the cough is the worst! I normally have bronchitis every year, but not like this nagging, hack! Even the cough syrup doesn't help a whole lot and it is the good stuff. But I am a big fan of Tamiflu! And thank the good Lord above, no one else has gotten it yet!

So I just got my first printed pages back from MyPicTales and I love them! They look great! I can't wait to put them in a book and show them off! They did a great job and it was so reasonable (only $1 per page). I also ordered my calendars from them as well. I will let you know how those came out as well!

Well, I did get one thing done productive during the break (and that is about it...ONE)....the boys Christmas pictures taken. Here's a few of the better ones...

and here's the photo Christmas card that I sent to the printer this weekend....

So until the next time!


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